Seen Live: a balladeer

So last thursday I saw a balladeer for the nineteenth time since 2006. This time it was just Marinus, with the help of Tim Coenen on some songs. Despite the small crowd (I counted 26), the small room (not much bigger than my living room) and the short(ish) set, I once again understood why I keep going back.

mr. a balladeer – When A Law’s Been Broken , live yn Noardewyn
Seen Live
a balladeer at Sugar Factory, Amsterdam on March 21st, 2013
Set List
Oh, California / Superman Can’t Move His Legs / When a Law’s Been Broken / A Little Rain Has Never Hurt No One / Sirens / Winterschläfer / Tarot, Tequila / Mary Had a Secret / My “I’m Sorry” Song to You / [cover song I didn’t recognize] / Swim with Sam / Poster Child / 10 Things to Win You Over // Robin II