Monthly Archives: March 2013

First Lines: V for Vendetta

Before anything else, V for Vendetta was a comic. Or a graphic novel, if you insist. Just forget about the movie. Unless you’re, like, really into Natalie Portman. V for Vendetta is a lot of things. It’s an tale of the loss of freedom and identity in a bleak, post-nuclear-apocalyptic, fascist-police-state, dystopian nightmare. It is… Read more »

Seen Live: Brigitte Kaandorp

While most people will know Brigitte Kaandorp as a comedian, she sure can sing. So when she announced that she would be touring with a show that focused on her songs, I made sure to snatch a ticket. Accompanied by Bernd van den Bos on piano, Kaandorp played a string of songs including ‘Jong en… Read more »