Seen Live: Tribute to Bruce Springsteen

BeoPlayground is Hedon’s musical playground, where a people of some renown from the Zwolle region can host an evening of their favorite music.

Last week the honor went to Arne Slot, a soccer player of some renown from the local FC. Apparently, he likes Bruce Springsteen a lot, so an all-star tribute band to the Boss was formed. It’s members were Tommy Ebben (vocals, guitar), Otto de Jong (drums), Kai Liebrand (bass), Dirk-Jan Heinstra (sax, vocals), Remco van Zandvoort (keys) and a guitarist whom I can’t seem to identify.

Overall, it was good fun. The band didn’t try to look like the E-Street Band (well, apart from one bandana), Ebben didn’t try to sing like Springsteen, and they didn’t try to slavishly copy the material. Which are a things I like. The only criticism I have is that Ebben flubbed a line here and there, but his singing made up a lot. The song selection was pretty awesome—include “Racing in the Street” and “Jungleland” and play them well enough, and you won’t hear me complain.

Seen Live
BeoPlayground hosted by Arne Slot: Tribute to Bruce Springsteen on March 28th, 2013 at Hedon, Zwolle
Badlands / Radio Nowhere / Backstreets / I’m on Fire / Glory Days / Atlantic City / Racing in the Steet / No Surrender / Dancing in the Dark / Thunder Road / The River / Born to Run // Jungleland / Born in the USA