Seen live: Wende

Like many people, I came to know Wende Snijders as “that blonde girl in the red dress that sings French chansons.” (Please note the lack of red dresses behind that link.) Her last album, № 9, went off in another direction. Gone were the red dress and the chansons, and we got her own, English, poppy songs instead. During the tours supporting that album, she still played a bit of her old repertoire, arranged to fit in with the new work.

During Wende’s current Last Resistance Clubtour: The Naked Sessions more has changed. The blonde is gone from her hair, and the new material has moved on even further. I don’t know exactly what it is—there’s pop, bits that could be new wave, some electronica, beats, stuff like that—but I think I dug it. Apart from № 9’s ‘Roses in June’, it was all new material. Which made it a lot to take in all at once. But, yeah, I dug it. I think.

Seen live
Wende, “Last Resistance Clubtour: The Naked Sessions” at Poppodium De Kelder, Amersfoort on April 5th, 2013