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Gimme the Ring

Lambchop — This Corrosion (The Sisters of Mercy cover) Because, well, hey now. Hey now now.

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Seen live: Wende

Like many people, I came to know Wende Snijders as “that blonde girl in the red dress that sings French chansons.” (Please note the lack of red dresses behind that link.) Her last album, № 9, went off in another direction. Gone were the red dress and the chansons, and we got her own, English,… Read more »

Seen Live: Tribute to Bruce Springsteen

BeoPlayground is Hedon’s musical playground, where a people of some renown from the Zwolle region can host an evening of their favorite music. Last week the honor went to Arne Slot, a soccer player of some renown from the local FC. Apparently, he likes Bruce Springsteen a lot, so an all-star tribute band to the… Read more »

Live Redesign Update

So, uhm, yeah. For the last few weeks, there’s been precious little inspiration to, you know, actually do something about this redesign I mentioned. Today, I fiddled around a bit more with the basic layout, and just to force myself to work on it some more, I’m gonna leave it on. It’s still a bit… Read more »

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