System Update Pending

Last week, with a loud bang and the smell of fried electronics, my computer died on me. I’m not quite sure exactly what blew up, and I don’t really care, as it was completely written off anyway. I’ve had this PC for seven or eight years, and it was my brother’s before that. In fact, I’m kinda glad it died, as it now gives me a pretty good reason to actually get a new one. I’ve been putting that off for the past two, three years.

Luckily I still have my laptop. Which is perfectly fine for some surfing the web, mailing and posting stuff on websites. But if I want to, say, work on this website’s redesign or needle drop a record, well, let’s just say it’s possible. If you really want to. Which I don’t.

So y’all just gotta wait a little bit longer on stuff.