Seen Live: Multiple Voice

Most Thursdays at lunch, I discuss my plans for the weekend with my collegue Marjolijn, as she’s one of those people that apparently don’t do Fridays. Apart from seeing Lebbis that Friday, I didn’t have any. So she suggested that if I had time on Sunday, Multiple Voice (the choir she’s in) had a gig.

Since I didn’t have anything planned that Sunday …

Let me preface the next bit by admitting that I know absolutely nothing about choirs singing a capella. Or singing in a choir. Or what to expect at a gig of an a capella choir. Or writing about these things.

I liked it. I think I did, anyway. Some bits I liked more than others—I seemed to prefer the pop music over the traditional African repertoire and the jazzy bits. I think. God, I don’t know. I might as well shut up before I say something stupid and Marjolijn doesn’t talk to me anymore. So to give you an idea of what it was like, here’s an older recording of them doing Billy Joel’s “Honesty”

It was like that. Except when it wasn’t.

Seen live
Multiple Voice heeft Lentekriebels, at De Muzerie in Zwolle, on June 2nd, 2013
Set list
California Dreamin’ (The Mammas & The Pappas) / Billy Joel Medley (Uptown Girl / The Longest Time) / If Music (Henry Purcell) / In This Heart (Sinéad O’Connor) / Medley (Don’t Stop Me Now / Stop in the Name of Love) (Queen / The Supremes) / A tu lado / Bésame mucho (Consuelo Velázquez) / How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees) // Sakura / Let’s Do It (Cole Portrer) / What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong) / Sesitho Bonga / Atoelombe / Thinga singu / Honesty (Billy Joel) / God Only Knows (Beach Boys) / Somebody Loves Me (George Gershwin)