Seen Live: Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden kicked my ass.

The Trooper

Perhaps I should leave it at that.

It was a magnificent, head-banging, devil horn-throwing, for-Bruce-screaming, fist-pumping blast from the past. Recreating their Seventh Son of a Seventh Son tour, Maiden took no prisoners, and just kicked major butt.

Seen live
Iron Maiden + Voodoo Six at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam on June 25th, 2013
Set list
Intro / Moonchild / Can I Play with Madness / The Prisoner / 2 Minutes to Midnight / Afraid to Shoot Strangers / The Trooper / The Number of the Beast / Phantom of the Opera / Run to the Hills / Wasted Years / Seventh Son of a Seventh Son / The Clairvoyant / Fear of the Dark / Iron Maiden // Churchill’s Speech » Aces High / The Evil That Men Do / Running Free