Seen Live: De Parade

De Parade has set up shop in Utrecht. Last week, I went and saw three shows. The first one was Torre Florim and Roos Rebergen (and band) playing songs from their Tweede Speeldoos album. Which was so excellent, that I got myself a ticket for their club show in Ekko, later this month.

De tweede speeldoos — Dracula!!! (ZZ en De Maskers cover)

Next was a all new show by Het Monica da Silva Trio. Pretty good show, even with miss Da Silva’s prolonged absence. Finally, I went to see Theo Nijland’s pretty meta and experimental Debby’s Droom, in which a girl from the ticket office dreams of being on stage. I most definitely wouldn’t sit through a full length performance like that, but at Parade-length (approximately 30 minutes) it was interesting enough.

Seen Live
De Parade at Moreelse Park, Utrecht, on monday august 29th, 20133
Shows Seen
Torre Florim & Roos Rebergen, De Tweede Speeldoos
Arjen Lubach & Tim Kamps, Het Monica da Silva Trio
Theo Nijland presenteert Debby’s Droom