Seen Live: De tweede speeldoos

Thirty minutes of Torre Florim and Roos Rebergen‘s “De tweede speeldoos” on De Parade wasn’t nearly enough. Luckily, their full show is twice as long, as they play all tracks from both their EPs and a cover.

Unfortunately, for you, that is, the tour is done. Your only chance to witness the sheer fun and awkwardness you missed is to watch some online registration, like the one below.

Torre Florim and Roos Rebergen — De tweede speeldoos live at Into the Geat Wide Open

An additional shout out goes to opening act Duende Ariza Lora for his suggestion that if songs in Spanish are too difficult for you, you might as well fuck off and go talk in the bar. But then worded politely.

Seen live
Torre Florim and Roos Rebergen, “De tweede speeldoos” + Duende Ariza Lora, at Ekko, Utrecht on August 31st.