First Lines: Recensiekoning recenseert Nederland

Recensiekoning recenseert Nederland
Come again?
A book by the staff of, filled with reviews of (almost) all things Dutch.
And does it have a first line?
Sure thing!
De eerste keer dat ik merkte dat Nederland eigenlijk een veilig, vermakelijk en zorgeloos landje is, was na mijn terugkeer van een vakantie in de Verenigde Staten. is one of my favorite websites of the last few years. They review everything. Not as in “every book, CDs, play or movie,” but as in everything. Days, the quality of tap water, the pavement on 22nd Avenue, medicine, a dream, that chick you made out with last night. Everything.

Unsurprisingly, their brand of reviews struck a chord with a lot of people, so a book was inevitable. Recensiekoning recenseert Nederland was released in 2012, and contains a few classic oldies (like the magnificent Briefje in de Jordaan) and an onslaught of new reviews, all somehow related to The Netherlands.

Recensiekoning recenseert Nederland gets four stars, plus one star for coming to my home, delivering and signing my review copy in person, but a one star penalty for not bringing the beer they promised. As if it’s my fault that parking in the center of Amersfoort is a nightmare. ★★★★☆