First Lines: Rijden door de nacht

Last year I read Hier, Ernst Jan Rozendaal’s biography of Bløf documenting their first 20 years. Thirteen years earlier, in 1999, he wrote Rijden door de nacht, a book documenting the first few years and the recording of their third album, Boven.

It’s a nice little book, with lots of photographs by Lex de Meester. After having read Hier, it didn’t contain a lot of ‘new’ information, but I felt it dared to be more critical, especially regarding the way they fired their first drummer. The analysis of the lyrics, I could have done without, as it didn’t really do anything more than state the obvious.

Book read
Ernst Jan Rozendaal — Rijden door de nacht: Onderweg met Bløf
First line
De camera loopt.