Fifteen Seconds of Internet Fame

Last week, on his 66th birthday, mr. Loaf started a two-month engagement in Las Vegas. The Guardian wrote about it on their website, and heck, they even mentioned me:

To capture the true beauty of the Steinloaf collaboration, you have to visit the corners of the internet where intense musical nerds dwell. And so, their partnership is best captured by the webmaster of the Almost Complete Archive of Meat Loaf & Jim Steinman:

Full musical accord is evidently shared by the two partners in both thematic and stylistic interpretation. Both men are intensely romantic and their message is clear. Steinman’s lyrics explore the many regions of man’s desire. Meat Loaf responds at gut level, echoing the changing shades of the love dream.

Sure, they got the name of the site only almost right and they mistakenly attribute a 1977 press release to me, but, hey, they got the “intense musical nerd” part right.

The best part, however, was JD—the webmistress of Jim Steinman’s website/head of the fanclub/all-round lovely lady—telling this:

I told Jim you were the geeky webmaster they mentioned and he laughed and said to give you his thanks!