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First Lines: Shada

Once again, I’ve been a bad nerd. So far, I’ve managed to stay largely uninformed concerning the Doctor. “Doctor Who?” you ask, as if it is some kind of knock-knock joke. And then I’d say, “That’s the one.” Seriously, though, apart from a few episodes when Doctor Who returned to the small screen some years… Read more »

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Seen Live: De tweede speeldoos

Thirty minutes of Torre Florim and Roos Rebergen‘s “De tweede speeldoos” on De Parade wasn’t nearly enough. Luckily, their full show is twice as long, as they play all tracks from both their EPs and a cover. Unfortunately, for you, that is, the tour is done. Your only chance to witness the sheer fun and… Read more »

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First Lines: Dracula

Given the fact that I’m supposedly this big vampire aficionado—which, coincidentally, I’m actually not—not having read Bram Stoker’s 1897 classic vampire story Dracula was a glaring sin of omission that needed attention. But that’s what my List of 40 Books to Read Before My 40th Birthday is for. Oh, sure, I’ve seen the movie. Once…. Read more »