Seen Live: Wende

Without me noticing it—on account of me not keeping track—Wende shot to the third place in my top whatever of acts that I’ve seen live, behind a balladeer (in all it’s incarnations) and BLØF.

Thursday I saw her for the sixteenth time, this time in Zwolle’s IJsselhallen, on account of Hedon being closed for renovation. It reminded me a lot of the fifteenth time, only with bigger arrangements and an additional musician. Apart from “Roses in June” and “Hey”, the set list consisted of material of her latest album, Last Resistance. Since that previous gig, I’ve had the chance to listen to it a lot. And while it turns out not to be exactly one hundred percent my thing, it’s definitely something I can listen to over and over again. It’s just that some songs—the ones that are more conventional, with strong choruses and all—tickle my fancy a lot more. Highlights included opener “Ask the Tree” (on the new vinyl edition of the album there’s a fantabulous remix by T.Raumschmiere), “Do Berlin”, the aforementioned “Roses in June” and especially “Devil’s Pact”. Which’ll make you dance. Dance, until you loose control.

Seen live
Wende, “Last Resistance: The Berlin Sessions”, IJsselhallen (Hedon on Tour), Zwolle on October 17th, 2013