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30 Ways to Save Your Ass in English

Early august I was spending a week with friends in the Belgian Ardennes. While I was sitting on the balcony, my head being somewhere else on account of something quite awesome happening quite unexpectedly, my brother sent me a text message, telling me to keep the 22nd of October free for an evening with music… Read more »

To my readers

Dear reader, We need to talk. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, something’s been up for quite some time now. For much of the past year, it seems that almost all I’ve written here are bits about bands I’ve seen and books I’ve read. There’s a couple of reasons for that. Sometime last year, I had a… Read more »

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First Lines: Clockwork Phoenix 3

As with the previous two volumes, I was planning to read Clockwork Phoenix 3: New Tales of Beauty and Strangeness back to back with volume 4, and wrap ’em up in one go. But even with a longer daily commute (more on that in a later, long-overdue update) I don’t seem to be reading as… Read more »

First Lines: Doctor Sleep

Stephen King’s latest novel, Doctor Sleep, answers the question, Whatever happened to that little kid from The Shining? Well—spoiler alert—Danny Torrance grew up to be an alcoholic, just like his dad. He wanders around from town to town, until he finally settles down, sobers up (thanks to the Higher Powers of AA) and finds a… Read more »

Seen Live: Boudewijn de Groot

Together with my sister, I went to see the extension of Boudewijn de Groot’s Vaarwel, misschien tot ziens farewell tour. Last year, at age sixty-something, he was done with large-scale tours, so he let himself be pestered into doing a whole new series of shows a year later, at age sixty-something and one. So when… Read more »

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