To my readers

Dear reader,

We need to talk. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, something’s been up for quite some time now. For much of the past year, it seems that almost all I’ve written here are bits about bands I’ve seen and books I’ve read. There’s a couple of reasons for that.

Sometime last year, I had a little moment of Zen. I realized that if I can’t influence a situation, I might just as well let it be and not worry about it. It is what it is. And with that attitude, it’s kinda hard to get worked up about stuff. Example: people being asses because of religion. I could argue with them until I’m fifty shades of blue in the face, but doubt that I’ll be able to talk sense into them. Take this presenter of our Dutch Evangelical Broadcasting Channel EO who, even though he has excellent reasons not to believe in God, just wants to believe, even if it defies all logic. Or there’s this man, who happens to be gay. The homosexual kind. Most definitely not the other kind, as it grieves him that religious people won’t accept homosexuals for what they are. He tells about a man who followed his heart, left his family behind and started a relation ship with another man. The reactions from the people in his church appalled him. Yet, the man in in complete denial: he won’t ‘come out’ as he’s married (to a woman) and became a father. He just doesn’t want to hurt anybody. It’s just his cross to bear, as he accepts God’s ‘words’ about homosexuality.

Earlier, I would have a field day, pointing out the ass-hattery, the internally flawed logic and trying to make some sense of it, as snarky as possible. Now, I’m all like, “Whatever.” I doubt if these kinds of people are receptive to logic and reason. ‘Cause if they were, I probably wouldn’t have to bother. The point is: stuff like this just doesn’t annoy me as much as it’s used to. And I need a little spark to start the fire…

Another reason is that, somehow, I’ve been quite busy the last year. At work, we switched to an agile approach, and with all the mindset shuffling and start-up pains, I’ve been a) busy as hell, and b) in no mood to do stuff at home at night. (Which includes sanding off the rough edges of the redesign, and spending time on my other sites altogether.) To top it of there’s this big project that’s due next week, and combined with another smoothly operating mega-project (*cough*ahum*snort*giggle*), it’s been quite stressful. The last few weeks, I’m regarding every little bit of time off as a little vacation. Whether it’s being at a web development conference, recuperating from surgery (I’m doing all right, thank you very much) or some proper free time: a huge load falls of my shoulders. Hopefully, things’ll go better after the project deadline.

And the final reason is that for the last three months, I haven’t been spending as much time behind my computer at home as I used to. You see, there’s this girl. And she’s awesome. So, logically, it stands to reason that she gets a lot of attention.

And no, I’m not apologizing for anything. I’ll try and write about stuff other than books and bands, but I promise nothing.