Seen Live: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Well, screw it. I’m completely over Trans-Siberian Orchestra swallowing up Savatage whole. If they keep playing shows like the one they did in Amsterdam on January 18th — I can live with that.

There’s a simple explanation for that: it was awesome. Yes, sure, it had little to do with a Savatage show (apart for the four former members on stage and the inclusion of several ‘Tage classics and album tracks in the set), but if a show goes over the top with fireworks, lasers and ten (10!) singers, I don’t care.

It truly was a blast. Sitting (yes, I know) there, listening to songs from the second band I totally fell for, with my Most Awesome Girlfriend next sitting next to me (who was having a pretty good time too, while she didn’t really know the music going in), it was giving me goose-bumps and making me pretty emotional. But I’m like that.

There’s a bunch of pictures in this Flickr set, and I’ve included a bunch of links to some songs in the set list below.

Afterwards, they said they’d be back next year. We’ll try and do the same.

Seen live
Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Heineken Music Hall, on January 18, 2014
Band line-up
Al Pitrelli (guitar, musical director) / Chris Caffery (guitar) / Johnny Lee Middleton (bass) / Jeff Plate (drums) / Asha Mevlana (violin) / Vitalij Kuprij (keyboards) / Mee Eun Kim (keyboards) / Bryan Hicks (narrator) / Jeff Scott Soto (vocals) / Chloe Lowery (vocals) / Kayla Reeves (vocals) / Autumn Guzzardi (vocals) / Natalya Piette (vocals) / Rob Evan (vocals) / Nathan James (vocals) / Robin Borneman (vocals) / Erika Jerry (vocals) / Andrew Ross (vocals, guitar)
Set list
Time and Distance / Winter Palace / This is the Time / Christmas Jam / Handful of Rain / A Last Illusion / Gutter Ballet / Misery / Mephistopheles’ Return / Mozart/Figaro / Sparks / The Hourglass / Someday / Child Unseen / Believe / Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness) / After the Fall / Wizards in Winter / All That I Bleed / The Dreams of Fireflies / Carmina Burana / Epiphany / The Mountain / Piano Solo / Beethoven / Requiem (The Fifth) / Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)