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Seen Live: Wende

According to her website, Wende‘s “Last Resistance-The Theatre Sessions” is a cinematic theatre concert in which the worlds of theatre, pop and electronic music melt together. It is about the resistance to letting go of old truths and embracing the unknown and the desire to surrender and to confront emotions and challenges head on. In… Read more »


Back in November 2013 there were municipal elections in Leeuwarden, on account of some municipal re-divisions. As I was still officially living in Amersfoort, I wasn’t eligible to vote. Tomorrow there are municipal elections in pretty much the entire country. Since I’m officially living in Leeuwarden now, I forced to sit this one out. There’s… Read more »

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An Inconvienent Day for Respect II

We are facing the same problem we had six years ago: May 4, the national Remembrance of the victims of World War II, is a Sunday. Back then, when I was still able to get pretty worked up about religious silliness, I wrote about how the city of Staphorst moved the ceremony to May 3rd,… Read more »