An Inconvienent Day for Respect II

We are facing the same problem we had six years ago: May 4, the national Remembrance of the victims of World War II, is a Sunday. Back then, when I was still able to get pretty worked up about religious silliness, I wrote about how the city of Staphorst moved the ceremony to May 3rd, because, apparently, one would assume, two minutes of silence is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.

This year it is exactly the same story. Well, apart from the spin they are putting on it: the actual event is not the problem; it is the preparations for the ceremony that might break the Sabbath disturb the keeping of the day of Our Lord. According to the organizing committee, every one should be able to attend the ceremony, but they suspect that many religious folk would stay away on a Sunday.

It is a goddamn bloody shame.

As my esteemed colleague Jochem said, it is ironic you will not celebrate your freedom with the rest of the country because you are being held prisoner by your own faith.