Seen Live: Wende

According to her website, Wende‘s “Last Resistance-The Theatre Sessions” is a cinematic theatre concert in which the worlds of theatre, pop and electronic music melt together. It is about the resistance to letting go of old truths and embracing the unknown and the desire to surrender and to confront emotions and challenges head on. In a combination of music, dance, performance and visual arts, she’s is back where it all started: in the theatre!

These Theatre Sessions form the third tour in support of her 2013 album Last Resistance. To me, the try-out I saw seemed to be the second one with a bit more theatrics, which apparently it is supposed to be. So, yeah, the same assessment largely applies: the more conventional songs work best for me. The fact that I was sitting in a theatre was also a plus for me, as I was better able to take it all in.

By now, the show has premiered, and the press loves it. Rightly so. The tour runs until early May.

Seen live
Wende, “Last Resistance: The Theater Sessions” (try-out) at Theater De Flint, Amersfoort on March 6, 2013