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Seen live: De passie

Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion and Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Jesus Christ Superstar are both topical Easter classics, which made a mash-up inevitable. Last week, I saw just such a thing in Amersfoort. While I’ve seen the movie-version JCS several times, I wouldn’t know all songs by heart. Bach’s Matthäus Passion, I heard of. It’s pretty ubiquitous—for… Read more »

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Seen Live: Daniël Lohues

As the British philosophers quartet Led Zeppelin once said, the song remains the same. Another year, another album and tour by Daniël Lohues. Together with Bernard Gepken (guitars, banjo, mandoline, vocals) and Guus Strijbosch (upright bass), he plays a large swath of his new album, “D”, and a section of his earlier work, while telling… Read more »

I Remember Every Little Thing As If It Happened Only Yesterday

It started on a sunny day in April 2003. I was sitting in front of Amsterdam’s Heineken Music Hall—reading a book, minding my own business, waiting for the doors to open—when I was joined by this girl. We chatted a bit, passing the time, until I had to report to the artist’s entrance for this… Read more »

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Remember when I mentioned my Most Awesome Girlfriend? As of yesterday, I cannot say that anymore:

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