So Much for Peace and Tranquillity

Last week I had two relocations.

First, I moved from Leeuwarden, where I’d been living for the past nine months or so, back to Amersfoort, where I’d been living for the thirteen years before that. Don’t worry, my Most Awesome Missus, the Kid and the cats came along as well.

Secondly, I started working on a new project at work, which necessitated my fourth workplace-reshuffling (or so) of the year. It also meant that I had to leave my team behind. To ease some of their pain—as well as to get an idea out of my head that had been percolating there for well over a year—I created a nifty soundboard * so they needn’t miss my presence that much.

It’s on Github and extendable, for which I’m taking requests.

* It works best in a modern browser. It’s known to be buggy in the stock Android browser (the one that says “Internet”). I’m working on that. Eventually.