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First Lines: The Book of Ballads

Neil Gaiman was my gateway-drug to Charles Vess, since he did the illustrations for Gaiman’s Stardust. Then came his illustrations for Peter Pan, and Instructions, again with Gaiman. Finally, his work on Gaiman’s Sandman and The Books of Magic are very pleasing to the eye. Some time ago, I picked up a copy of Vess’… Read more »

Seen Live: Vellamo

Once upon a time, there was time to kill in Almere, and a folkgroup called Vellamo (Pia Leinonen on vocals and Joni Tiala guitar) were playing a gig in the library. That’s about all I have. They, however, have a video for one of their songs, which should give you an idea. Seen live Vellamo,… Read more »

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We’ll Never Be as Young as We Are Right Now (XI)

There are things that must be magic There’s no explaining why and how And there’s every sign that once upon a time Is starting here and now …Angels Arise, from Dance of the Vampires Happy birthday, Jim.