Cat Leaves Bag

LinkedIn mails me all the time. Mostly, it’s recruiters. This time, it was one of the founders of Blendle, “a digital kiosk selling individual articles from newspapers and magazines to internet users”. One of his developers noticed my profile, and he was told he should mail me, like, now. If I’d be interested in coming down for coffee and a chat.

I’d seen their vacancy for front-end dev. But, being the hip new platform they are, I figured there would be a line a mile long. (Not anywhere close, so I’m told.) And as I wasn’t looking for a new job, and given the other stuff I have to tell you about eventually, I didn’t act on it. But hey, with them being interested in me, I was both flattered and game.

Since they were incredibly busy, I was asked if I could do a little test first. Apparently I passed the test, and a meeting was set. That meeting was Wednesday, and didn’t quite work out. It was a bit chaotic, with the person who I was supposed to meet being sick and his stand-in not having seen my code before the interview. And besides, I was a rambling and incoherent mess and wouldn’t have hired me myself.

Oh, well.

I’ll always have that one time Blendle was interested in me and a Single Page Presentation App to show for it.