First Lines: The Last Unicorn

The last unicorn lived in a lilac wood, and it lived all alone. Because all other unicorns had disappeared. At least, no one had seen them for a long time. She went out to find them, and, aided by Schmendrick the Magician (who happens to be the world’s most incompetent magician) and Molly Grue, adventures were had and eventually the unicorns are freed from evil King Haggard’s grasp.

The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle is a perfectly fine little fantasy novel. It ticks the right boxes, and it’s tone is impeccable. The Deluxe Edition I’ve read also includes the (apparently long awaited) coda “Two Hearts,” which happens to be pretty swell as well, and an interview with the author, detailing the book’s origins. As it turns out, conceiving the story wasn’t as much fun as reading it.

Book read
Peter S. Beagle – The Last Unicorn (deluxe edition)
First line
The unicorn lived in a lilac wood, and she lived all alone.