First Lines: Ik zal kijken wat ik voor je kan doen …

After having worked at the Dutch radio station 3FM for the past 17 years, DJ Gerard Ekdom recently moved to Radio 2. His 2008 autobiography ‘Ik zal kijken wat ik voor je kan doen …’ (subtitled “The life of a 3FM DJ”) documents how he realized his burning ambition to become a DJ.

At my first job, I always had 3FM on, so I heard Ekdom every morning between 10 and 12. This book confirms what anyone who listens to him on the radio will soon find out: he’s obsessed with music. Now don’t get me wrong, I like music a lot, but this guy … he takes it to another level.

The tone of the book was sometimes a bit too loose for my liking, and the “Freak 11”-lists that end each chapter didn’t always add much, but all-in-all, it was a nice read. Final sloppy copy editing nitpick: there’s a section about how Ekdom ended up on stage with Meatloaf in Amsterdam in 2003 (I was there, quelle surprise, and met the Future Missus there). It’s two words: Meat Loaf.

Book read
Gerard Ekdom – ‘Ik zal kijken wat ik voor je kan doen …’: Het leven van een 3FM DJ
First line
‘Die jongen, daar is iets niet goed mee hoor!’