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2016: A Review in Lists

The whole intention of 2016 was for it to go down better than 2015. For a number of reasons, some of which we don’t have to go in to, and some of which are two hospitalizations (First one was nearly a week for peeing blood on account of all the blood thinning medicine I had… Read more »

Seen Live: Elton John

Tuesday November 22nd was going to be a pretty swell evening, with Elton John playing in the Ziggo Dome, and The Missus and me having tickets. On the way to the (Nordic) restaurant for dinner, The Missus got a call that she landed the job she was after, so it got even better. We made… Read more »

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About This Thing That Happened

It’s half past seven, Wednesday evening, November 23rd, and I’m sitting way up in the attic working on some stuff before I have to do a bar shift at my volleyball club. As I stand up to go take a pill I forgot and a toilet break, pain rips between my shoulder blades. By the… Read more »

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Hey, America

Don’t do anything stupid now, okay? Thanks, Everybody else.

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