Seen Live: Daniël Lohues

Daniël Lohues has a new album out, called Aosem, and there’s a story behind the title. He was travelling through the US, and in a hotel bar in Albuquerque, some couple asked did the usual How you doin’? and so he told them that he was travelling around, catching a breath, so to speak. Awesome, they said. Ja, aosem, he though, That’s settled then.

Which makes perfect sense once you realize that “Aosem” isn’t only a phonym of “awesome”, but also the Low Saxon equivalent of the Dutch word for breath, “adem.”

As the constant reader might have guessed by now, with Lohues each album warrants its own tour, so of to Deventer we went, and an aosem night was had.

Seen live
Daniël Lohues with “Aosem”,on March 5th, 2016 at Deventer Schouwburg, Deventer.
Set list (in approximate order)
Angst is mar veur eben, spiet is veur altied / Op de loop / Vaste grond / Ik haal mij ‘n hond op / [Oma had geliek / Hier kom ik weg / Appels] Annelie // Op fietse / [En toen kwam jij / Honing / De zunne en de maone / Zo moe’j ‘t doen / Knooin] Als de liefde mar blef winnen / Baat bij muziek // Waor gaon wij naortoe / Op ‘t platteland / Allennig