First Lines: Inventing Elliot

At his old school, Elliot was the target of relentless bullying, but now that he gets to make a new start at a new school, he gets a chance to reinvent himself: by standing out just enough not to be noticed, he hopes to get ignored by the Big Meanies.

Of course, even in teenage-fiction, things do not go down that easy. Elliot does get noticed by The Guardians. Only, they recruit him to become one of them. They train him to know who needs punishment, and why. And then the poor sod gets noticed by a girl as well …

During the course of the story, Elliot has to invent several versions of himself. He juggles these masks, while he struggles to find which one is the best fit.

Book read
Graham Gardner — Inventing Elliot
First line
Elliot Sutton swallowed the sick, sour fear that threatened to engulf him.