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First Lines: De eerste maandag van de maand

Peter Zanting’s second novel De eerste maandag van de maand was released on September 1st, 2014. And since that was the first Monday of the month, you could download it for free on that day. Don’t ask me how that link came to me, but it did, and something triggered me enough to download it,… Read more »

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First Lines: Stephen King Short Story Collaborations

In 2012, Stephen King released two collaborative short stories. So far, they remain uncollected in an anthology. The first of the two, In the Tall Grass was written with Joe Hill (their second collaboration, after Throttle). It’s a lot like King’s own Children of the Corn, but then really sick. Loads of fun. A Face… Read more »

First Lines: Don Quixote

It’s official: I give up. I’ve waded through the first part of Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote, but after a few chapters of the second part I gave up. I just can’t do this any more. It’s too tedious. You have that hidalgo Don Quixote, who has gone so raving mad from reading too many… Read more »