Seen Live: a balladeer @ De Helling

Back in 2013 I first saw Mevrouw Tamara sing one song at De supersonische boem!. That one song completely captivated me. So I checked out some of her songs online, and since I liked what I heard, I kept an eye open for a gig I could attend. No such opportunity arose. And then she was announced as the opening act for a balladeer in Utrecht.

Mevrouw Tamara — Zit ik vast I (live in de kringloop)

Unlike the woman sitting next to me, I dug it.

This is the part where I say that full-band a balladeer is still my favorite a balladeer, that (like the previous 23 shows I saw) it was quite awesome and I had a very good time, that the set list had a nice selection of new songs and old classics, and finally throw in a video of them playing “Trust Fall” at another gig to give you an idea:

a balladeer — Trust Fall (live at Hedon)

And then I wrap it up with the meta information, because that’s what I do.

Seen live
a balladeer + Mevrouw Tamara at Tivoli de Helling, September 16, 2016
Setlist a balladeer
A Wolf at the Door / Trust Fall / Mob Wife (with Mevrouw Tamara) / Superman Can’t Move His Legs / Mary Had a Secret / Sirens / Therefore / Incompatible (unplugged) / One Sunday / Never-Never Land / Plan B / Swim with Sam / Wishes, Horses (with Mevrouw Tamara) // Winterschläfer (Marinus solo) / 10 Things To Win You Over (Marinus solo unplugged) // Robin II / Fortune Teller // Oh, California (Marinus solo)
Setlist Mevrouw Tamara
Leiden / Zit ik vast I / New English song / Leave / In My Cocoon / Goed was zo / Song that’s done on the album with Anne Soldaat that repeats “Ik was daar niet van uitgegaan” quite a few times / Zit ik vast II / Sail to the Moon (Radiohead cover) / English piano song