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Hey, America

Don’t do anything stupid now, okay? Thanks, Everybody else.

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First Lines: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

One afternoon, nine year-old Bruno came home to find the maid packing up all his belongings. Bruno’s Father got a promotion from his boss, The Fury, and now he and his family have to move to the country, to a place called Out-With. Bruno soon finds out he doesn’t like it there. The new house… Read more »

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First Lines: Unidentified Funny Objects 4

At the time, I passed on the UFO4 Kickstarter, as I hadn’t read the previous three installments yet. By the time the UFO5 Kickstarter came around, I jumped at the chance to grab a couple of books, as I liked the concept. Unlike the previous editions, volume four had an overall theme: dark humor. What… Read more »

We’ll Never Be as Young as We Are Right Now (XIII)

It’s that time to start a fire And I know we’ll make it good We’re overflowing with desire You got the spark, I’ve got wood We got to let our voices soar More than any song we’ve ever sung It’s time we started speaking in tongues Speaking in tongues … There are things we learn… Read more »