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To my great surprise, I saw 10e making the very same fancy dance move I always make when I’m totally gettin’ my groove on in Arjen Lubach’s latest vlog filmpje. * (Gif made with GIPHY) And I was all, like, omekot. * Fun fact: once upon a time Martine and Arjen (along with the rest… Read more »

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First Lines: American Gods (reread)

When I first read American Gods in 2010, I didn’t have much to say about it. Now, after having been triggered to revisit it two times in rapid succession, and well before the television series is finished, I went ahead and re-read it. American Gods is still the story of what Shadow did after he… Read more »

Seen Live: Circle II Circle

Circle II Circle’s tour in support of their latest album “Reign of Darkness” (Spotify) took them, quite surprisingly, to our neck of the woods. As a Savatage-afficinado — singer Zachary Stevens was their singer for four albums and most of the 1990s — having missed all their previous shows in The Netherlands on account of… Read more »

Dan be’j pas vrij

As de wiezers van de klokke joe niet aangeben wanneer A’j t met de tonge afkunnen en niet met ‘n geweer A’j weten da j ‘t niet snappen en ok niet ongeveer A’j in liefde geleuben en gien mense is joen heer Dan be’j pas vrij A’j in joen donkerste uur ‘n vrijheidslied verzinnen A’j… Read more »

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First Lines: Inventing Elliot

At his old school, Elliot was the target of relentless bullying, but now that he gets to make a new start at a new school, he gets a chance to reinvent himself: by standing out just enough not to be noticed, he hopes to get ignored by the Big Meanies. Of course, even in teenage-fiction,… Read more »

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