Seen Live: a balladeer

The 24th a balladeer gig I saw was in my brother’s living room. It was the smallest crowd I have been part of yet. Myself included, there were just fourteen people there. And yet, the concept of shutting up in such an intimate setting didn’t occur to some of them.

A funny thing happened: I was surprised to find myself tearing up over the first verse of “Robin II” and the line I’m not the boy I used to be in “Superman Can’t Move His Legs”. And while I have heard these songs a gazillion times before and don’t mind a good cry every now and then — somehow, I am not as emotionally stable as I used to be — but that hadn’t happened before.

a balladeer – Robin II (live at Blokhuis, NPO Radio 2)
Seen live
a balladeer in a living room in Rotterdam on April 7, 2017
Set list (on Spotify)
Wishes, Horses / A Little Rain Has Never Hurt No One / Plan B / Robin II / Oh, California / A Wolf at the Door / 10 Things to Win You Over // All I Wanted / My “I’m Sorry” Song to You / Swim With Sam / Mary Had a Secret / When a Law’s Been Broken / Superman Can’t Move His Legs / Trust Fall / Incompatible // Jolene (Dolly Parton cover)