Seen Live: Hanson

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of Hanson MMMBoping their way into out hearts with their break-though Middle of Nowhere album. Along with the 25th anniversary of the brothers being in a band together, this was enough reason to launch a Middle of Everywhere Tour, with a stop at Amsterdam’s finest venue, Paradiso.

The queue for getting inside was doable, the support act Lewis Watson forgettable, but oh my gosh, Hanson was great. It took a couple of songs before the sound guys got it right, but from then on, it was awesome. Kicking off with a string of up-tempo, R&B-flavoured rock songs (including their second single “Where’s the Love” and one of my favorite album cuts “Look at You”), it wasn’t until song eight (fan favorite “This Time Around”) that a slower song was played. From there one, the intensity fluctuated a bit, but starting with their latest single “I Was Born” (from the upcoming compilation album), it was a smoking end stretch. Especially the one-two kick of “MMMBop” into “If Only” (perhaps my all-time favorite Hanson song) kicked my ass. During the latter song, you could feel the ground shake.

Hanson — I Was Born (live at Paradiso)

It was joyous. It was intense. There were quite a few screaming fan-girls. I am still not sure whether or not I was standing just behind my former colleague Berry. Afterwards, I was completely wrecked, but it was totally worth it. Even The Missus, who upon going in only knew that one song, left very much impressed. Good times.

Seen live
Hanson + Lewis Watson at Paradiso, Amsterdam on June 2nd, 2017
Setlist Hanson (Spotify playlist)
Already Home / Waiting for This / Where’s the Love / Look at You / Tragic Symphony / Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ / Been There Before / This Time Around / Weird / Go / Deeper (acoustic) / Juliet / Strong Enough to Break / Penny and Me / Watch Over Me / With You in Your Dreams (acoustic) / On and On (acoustic) / I Was Born / A Minute Without You / Get the Girl Back / MMMBop / If Only / Fired Up / In the City // Rockin’ Robin (acapella Bobby Day cover) / Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry cover) / Lost Without Each Other