First Lines: Hatchet

Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet was the very first book I had to read in English while being in high-school. Having to read books quickly made it chore, and I used to not mind reading at all. Upon finishing high-school, I didn’t have to read anymore, and I was back to reading whenever I got the chance.

There are not a lot of books I read in high-school that I really need to revisit. But when I came across Hatchet for an Euro in a local thrift-shop, I couldn’t resist. I can vaguely recall liking this book about a boy surviving a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness.

Without having to worry about catching things like themes and motifs and all the other stuff teachers like to obsess aboot, it is, however just that: a story about a boy going down in a plane crash, and surviving out in the woods with nothing but his hatchet. Quite nice, but nothing special, really.

Book read
Gary Paulsen — Hatchet
First line
Brian Robeson stared out of the window of the small plane at the endless green northern wilderness below.