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2018 in Review

How was 2018? On the whole, not too bad. We didn’t do a big holiday on account of having bought a house last year, but managed to squeeze in a couple of smaller trips. The Missus graduated. Boy Wonder did as well. Thing went along nicely, with me not being hospitalized all year. My Firefox… Read more »

First Lines: The Graveyard Book (re-read)

There was a hand in the darkness, and it held a knife. The hand belonged to a man named Jack, and the knife just killed a father, a mother and a sister. It did not kill the little boy, who managed to escape to the nearby graveyard, where he was raised by the ghosts of… Read more »

And So This Is Christmas

So, I woke up at about 6:00 on a Christmas morning. And for what? To wish you all the very merriest of Yuletides or something.

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Seen Live: Daniël Lohues, “Elektrisch”

As I have said before, I only really got to know Skik after they went on an open-ended break. I saw them live once, and it was fun, but I only knew a few songs. So, after seeing Daniël Lohues playing in theaters several times, I was really looking forward to see him play on… Read more »

First Lines: Elevation

Stephen King’s Elevation is a novella about a guy who is mysteriously losing weight. It’s a good story, a bit heavy on the current state of politics, but not especially great. It also contains the weirdest concept for a department store e-commerce website I’ve ever seen: you go to a website, and after an old-fashioned… Read more »