30 Day Song Challenge #7

Day 7: a song to drive to.

Keane — Somewhere Only We Know

It is a well-known fact that I don’t have a drivers license. Not by some idealistic principle, but I never had the all-consuming need to obtain one. Under different stars, if I hadn’t moved to Amersfoort when I did and I’d been living in Noorden a bit long — a small village with no public transport to speak of — then, well, who knows. I don’t care about cars, and I wouldn’t know if I’d be driving material anyway. Using public transport I usually get where I need to be. Sure, there are some downsides, but none big enough to plunk down a load of money to find out whether or not I should be driving anyway.

Which makes today’s category a bit daft.

A song to drive to. Well, I can clearly recall sitting on my bike, cycling home on a rather nice spring day, listening to Keane’s “Something Only We Know” (the album version, which won’t play here when embeded) and thinking to myself, “Well, this is pretty perfect…”