30 Day Song Challenge #21

Day 21: A song you like with a person’s name in the title.

Opeth — Face of Melinda

A non-exhaustive list of names that I found in my collection: Adam. Albertine. Alexander the Great. Alice. Amadeus. Andries Knevel. Angie. Anna. Annabel. Anne. Annelie. Anniek. Asherah. Bambi Woods. Betty. Billy. Cain. Carey. Cecilia. Domino. Damien. Dante. Desirée Diana. Dianna. Diane. Dracula. Eleanor. Elisabeth. Elise. Elvis. Emily. Emmanuel. Escher. Esmee. Eva. Eve. Flash. Frankenstein. Grace Kelly. Hitler. Jack Kerouac. Jake. James Dean. Jamie. Jane. Janie. Jeanny. Jef. Jeremy. Jesse James. Jesus. Jillian. Jimmy. Johnny. Mr. Jones. Joni. Jolene. Juliet. Gaia. Henk. Hitler. Kayleigh. Kees. Kevin. Lazarus. Lena. Lenny. Louise. Lucretia. Madeline. Marieke. Martha. Mary. Mrs McGrath. Melinda. Mephistopheles. Miranda Holgersma. Michelle. Najade. Nemo. Nils Holgersson. Noah. Pamala. St Patrick. Penny. Randy Newman. Richard Manuel. Robin. Mrs Robinson. St Robinson. Romeo. Rosalita. Rosanna. Rosie. Rooooooooooooooooooxannne. Ruby. Sam. Sandy. Sarah. Shiva. Simone. Sinéad. Suzanne. Stan Meyer. Sylvia. Thor. Tom. Tom Joad. Tom Waits. Veronica Guerin.

There are so goshdarn many of them, I made a playlist on Spotify. Feel free to expand upon that.

My favorite among them is Opeth’s “Face of Melinda”. It starts of slow and nice and calm and acoustic, and then develops into this heavy thing. Not as heavy as what comes next (that chorus!), but still, pretty heavy for what started out as a folky ballad. Mikael Åkerfeldt also saves one of his best lines for last.

Endlessly gazing in nocturnal prime
She spoke of her vices and broke the rhyme
But baffled herself with the final line
My promise is made but my heart is thine …