30 Day Song Challenge #30

Day 30: a song that reminds you of yourself.

Acda en De Munnik — Als je me morgen ziet

The main reason I like Acda en De Munnik so damn much is the words. Thomas Acda has diminutively said that he just puts them it the right order, but in truth, both he and Paul de Munnik are really, really good at that. On every album there are a couple of songs where the lyrics are borderline genius. A turn of phrase here, a simile there, a song that is so meta that it is all about what type of song it is … for someone who is into words and the order they’re in, I can not recommend them enough. Especially if you’re a hopeless romantic who rather keeps dreaming of what could be, instead of finding out what would really happen (cf. day 27), like me.

This post would be so much easier in Dutch, ‘cause then I’d just post a bunch of lyrics, and you’d get the drift.

Songs like “Als je me morgen ziet”, “Geen Liedje”, “Jaren ver van hier”, “Eva” and “Halve zinnen” are exactly about that: being hopelessly in love, and not being able to do something with that. It’s almost un-doable to pick a favorite from those, so I went for the one with the most watchable video. From a purely textual point of view, “Jaren ver van hier” would be so spot on that it’d be the “Love Theme” on the soundtrack of the first movie they’ll make about me. (For those who want to know: Love Theme, Part II)

Of course, I can’t end this post without a proper quote, so just to illustrate how well they could capture the lovestruck idiot I was, from “Halve zinnen”:

Je was het mooist dat ik ooit zag
‘t Was in de zomer van de eeuw
Ik wilde sterven in je armen
Ik was zestien—wist ik veel

Ik heb al wat klassiek is wel gedaan
‘k Heb onder aan je raam gestaan
Schreef je gedichten … ach, een paar
Vijfhonderd zes-en-dertig maar

And with that, the 30 day song challenge concludes.