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Seen Live: Like a Bat Out of Hell

Vorig jaar vierde Meat Loafs Bat Out of Hell zijn 40e verjaardag. Om dat te vieren stelde Menno Gootjes (de gitarist van Focus) een band samen (met muzikanten die bij onder andere We Will Rock You, Jesus Christ Superstar, Ayreon, Anouk, Kane, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Stevie Ann, VOF De Kunst, Charlie Dée, Toontje Lager, Idols/The Voice… Read more »


Vandaag stemde de Eerste Kamer voor invoering van de nieuwe donorwet. Per medio 2020 ben je volautomagisch donor, tenzij je daar bezwaar tegen maakt. Het enige wat de donorwet doet, is je dwingen na te denken over wat jij wilt wat er met jouw organen gebeurt nadat jij er niks meer aan hebt. Wil je… Read more »

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First Lines: Strange Weather

Joe Hill just keeps getting better. I keep on liking every one of his books more than the previous one. Strange Weather is no exception. It collects four short novels, which are all quite, quite good. It starts off with “Snapshot”, where there is this guy stealing memories with some sort of Polaroid camera, and… Read more »

First Lines: La Belle Sauvage

Years ago, I was quite impressed by Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, which is an uncompromising story about religion, authority, and individual freedom. Late last year, he published La Belle Sauvage, the first part of The Book of Dust trilogy, set in the same world. Set ten years before the events in His Dark… Read more »

First Lines: Dominee Gremdaat

Dominee Gremdaat is minister of unknown denomination who used to appear on TV a lot, and whom you probably have never of if you are not Dutch.* Back in in the 1990s two collection of his sermons were released. In his sermons, he does not dwell on theology, but rather on encounters he has had…. Read more »

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