Seen Live: Three Free Gigs

Yeah yeah yeah. I know we’ve been here before: I intend to write some more stuff for my website, and then nothing happens, stuff keeps piling up, and in the end, all I’ve written in a year are a bunch book and gig reviews, and I am not even getting those done at the moment. Well, no more. I’m just gonna.


The Missus’s father and aunt sing in a choir. Earlier this year, that choir had a concert in a lovely local church at the yearly Gluren bij de Buren event. And it was lovely.

Seen live
Klein Kunst Koor: “Crossing Borders” at the Lutherse Kerk for Gluren bij de buren Amersfoort on March 11, 2018

Wende played a short set in Amersfoort for Record Store Day to promote her new album Mens. Like her previous album, Last Resistance, it’s a mostly electronic affair, and not exactly my cup of tea. I mean, she is a great singer and performer and she is really into it, but I just stood there and I didn’t get it. We seem to have grown apart somewhere. Which is fine, as not everybody has to enjoy all the things. Perhaps we’ll meet again, somewhere down the road.

Seen live
Wende at Velvet Amersfoort for Record Store Day, April 21, 2018

Last weekend it was time for the 20th Amersfoort Jazz festival. Free music, just around the corner. Due to reasons, we only saw the one act, but man, Shirma Rouse (and Band) would have been a tough act to follow. Rouse used to be one of The Netherlands’s most renowned backing vocalist, but now she’s out in front. She played an energetic set containing a lot of Aretha Franklin material, some of her own songs, and some more covers. Would I have know about her Shirma sings Aretha tour before it was over, I would not have minded more of that. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Seen live
Shirma Rouse and Band at Amersfoort Jazz on May 26, 2018