Link Text and Location Copier, One Year Later

Exactly a year ago, I released the first version of Link Text and Location Copier, a Firefox WebExtension that helps you creating links right from the context menu.

In the past year, I released 8 minor versions with new features and 11 patches for (mostly) stupid bugs I introduced. New features include the possibility to create your own custom formats, exporting and importing of your settings (I might reconsider implementing an option for using synced storage, though), and stripping those annoying UTM-paramaters from copied links. Eventually, I need to get around to rewriting the whole thing, with better tooling, better styling of the settings page (it is quite hideous), and preferably some tests for core functionality. I also need to figure out how to do some conditional logic in the templates, so that including support for copying images makes sense.

While I primarily wrote this Add-on for my own selfish need, I am completely over the moon that it has been installed over 3,600 times, and that there are about 700 daily users. I am also very grateful for the people who filed bugs and feature requests, and who gave me some pointers how to fix a few issues I hadn’t even noticed. Without those people, this would be a fairly simple, hacked-together piece of code that would just be useful to those few who would have exactly the same needs I have for this thing.

If you want to give it a spin, you can download Link Text and Location Copier from