Seen Live: Daniël Lohues, “Elektrisch”

As I have said before, I only really got to know Skik after they went on an open-ended break. I saw them live once, and it was fun, but I only knew a few songs. So, after seeing Daniël Lohues playing in theaters several times, I was really looking forward to see him play on his “Elektrisch” tour: in clubs, with a band, playing songs that could really use a band. And some Skik stuff as well. Sounds like a guaranteed success to me.

And, to no-one’s surprise, it was excellent. A sold out show in Haarlem’s Patronaat, and as soon as Lohues hit the stage, you could see he was really into it: cowboy hat on his hat, guitar all plugged in and having a great time. By all means, I should have been totally into it.

Unfortunately, due to reasons we’ll get into in the new year, my head was somewhere else entirely. Which is a shame, as it took all the fun out what should have been a great night.

See live
Daniël Lohues, “Elektrisch” + Marlene Bakker on October 19, 2018 at Patronaat, Haarlem
Bernard Gepken – guitar, background vocals / Reyer Zwart – bass, background vocals / Bram Hakkens – drums, background vocals / Ferry Lagendijk – piano, keyboard, Hammond organ, background vocals
Set list (Spotify playlist)
Volle maone / Kwelt / Weg van alles / Prachtig mooie dag / Ik haal mij ‘n hond op / Van hier tot Tokyo / A28 / Naor huus (Skik) / Let mar niet op mij / Gao weg / Ja boeh (Lohues & The Louisiana Blues Club) / Hoe kan dat nou (Skik) / ‘t Giet zoas ‘t giet (Skik) / A’j joe verkleden as schaop / Hier kom ik weg / Allennig moe’j ‘t ok kunnen / Ondergrondse hutte / Nie veur spek en bonen (Skik) // Anja de vreemdgangster / Op fietse (Skik) / Ze benn benauwder veur joe as ie veur heur / ‘t Ien of ‘t ander Lohues & The Louisiana Blues Club)