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First Lines: The Great John Green Re-Read Project 2018, Part 2

As I noted in part one of this series, in the last couple of years a lot of things have changed for me. And with that, the way I looked at John Green’s first three novels changed as well. Which makes sense, as they’re all boy-meets-girl-and-dealing-with-all-that-while-dealing-with-life-as-well-is-complicated stories, and I was not in that place anymore…. Read more »

Citaat van de dag

Vijf empathische, christelijke mensen met een afgeronde universitaire opleiding krijgen het in een opiniestuk in het RefDag voor elkaar het idee dat “ieder mens ieder ander mens, hoe geaard ook, als gewoon een andere, gelijkwaardige mogelijkheid erkent” als een ongelofelijk verwerpelijke verdorvenheid weg te zetten: Activisten uit de lhbt-gemeenschap zullen niet rusten voordat de christelijke,… Read more »

Seen Live: a balladeer @ Fluor

Between the first time I saw a balladeer and the 25th time, last sunday, twelve years, four months and ten days have passed. That first time, they were a band, opening for Stevie Ann in the now-defunct De Kelder in Amersfoort, just after “Swim With Sam” was all over the radio. Now, it is just… Read more »

First Lines: Lincoln in the Bardo

Where Ibid: A Life did not quite convince me with the execution of the story, it did prepare for what turned out to be one of the more interesting books I’ve read this year: George Saunders’s Lincoln in the Bardo. It is 1862, and Willie Lincoln has died. His grief-stricken father, the president, returns to… Read more »

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