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First Lines: Peter Pan

One night, Peter Pan came and took Wendy and her brothers to the Neverland. There they had many grand adventures with Lost Boys, mermaids, redskins, a ticking crocodile and pirates, before safely returning home. If you know the Disney movie, you know what happens. What you should of course realize is that J.M. Barrie’s Peter… Read more »

First Lines: Lolita

Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita has been called sheer unrestrained pornography, the filthiest book I have ever read, perverse, repulsive, obscene and indecent. It has been banned in France, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Argentina. If you go with what I suspect is the common preconceived notion—i.e., that book about this older guy with his unhealthy… Read more »

#50: 40 Books Before 40

This post in three months overdue. My original plan was to finalize my list of 40 books to read before my 40th birthday on my 30th birthday, so that I would have exactly ten years to complete them. But then life happened. Anyway, the list. (The books I’ve read are bold, those waiting to be… Read more »

First Lines: Der Prozess

Josef K.’s trail started on the morning of his 30th birthday, when two officials came to arrest him. The trail ended on the eve of his 31st birthday, when two officials came to take him away for execution. In between, a mind boggling and incomprehensible trail—or process, if you will—takes place. It’s a shadowy business,… Read more »