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First Lines: Catch-22

A former colleague of mine tried to steer me away me from reading Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. I cannot quite recall the exact wording, but he could not get into it all. But, as a) it is on my list of 40 books to read before I turn 40, and b) I can be quite stubborn… Read more »

First Lines: Karakter

Jacob Willem Katadreuffe, the hero of F. Bordewijk’s literary classic Karakter, is—excuse the pun—a bit of a character. Just like his mother, he is stubborn and not willing or able to accept charity, favors, or a helping hand. And you can blame his father as well. That man definitely is a piece of work. He… Read more »

First Lines: To Kill a Mockingbird

After reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, I cannot disagree with its status as a Important Novel One Should Read™. The story of how lawyer Atticus Finch tries to help a black man in America’s south in the 1930’s, as seen through the eyes of his six year old daughter is just that… Read more »


It didn’t expect #80 on my list of 100 things to be that easy. But then again, when I made that list, I didn’t expect to be in a hospital for a week and a half. Item completed Spend a week without touching a computer Period spend without touching a computer February 25th, 2015 to… Read more »

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