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First Lines: Under the Dome

Stephen King’s modus operandi should be familiar: he puts normal people in abnormal situations and sees how they cope when trouble comes their way. Under the Dome follows this script to to the letter: a small town gets cut off from the rest of the world by an mysterious, invisible and unbreakable force field, and,… Read more »

First Lines: The Greatest Show on Earth

What choice did biologist Richard Dawkins have but to release a book presenting the evidence for evolution in this Darwin year? The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution is that book. As you should know by now, evolution by natural selection is for all intents and purposes a scientific fact. Which is to… Read more »

First Lines: Carrie

Of course, I have read Carrie before. Just not in English. So when I had to do some traveling by train where lugging around a big-ass hardcover isn’t entirely practical, I picked up the smallest, unread paperback from the shelf. (Only to return with over two kilos of books, including Stephen King’s latest, but that’s… Read more »

Eerste zinnen: God is gek

In het kader van (*zucht*) De Maand van de Spiritualiteit heeft (*diepe zucht*) Kluun God is gek. De dictatuur van het atheïsme. geschreven. In dit pamflet/essay vraagt hij zich af waar de zendingsdrang van hedendaagse atheïsten toch vandaan komt. Je ziet de bui al hangen: het inderdaad een aaneenschakeling van drogredenen en andere dooddoeners. Boek… Read more »

First Lines: The Sorceress

Just five days ago Josh and Sophie Newman were leading their perfectly ordinary lives. Then they were revealed to be the Twins of Legend and were sucked into an ancient battle to restore the mythical Elders to their rightful place as rulers of Earth. Basically, Everything Has Changed ™. We catch up with them in… Read more »