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First Lines: Turtles All the Way Down

For weeks now I have been trying to find the right words to express my thoughts on John Green’s Turtles All the Way Down. I hereby declare myself defeated, and go with what I have: With Turtles All the Way Down John Green managed to write a book that is not The Fault in Our… Read more »

First Lines: Gwendy’s Button Box

Stephen King had a story he didn’t know how to finish. Richard Chizmar — owner of Cemetery Dance Publications, who have published quite a few deluxe editions of King’s books, and a editor and writer as well — offered to take a crack at it: We were emailing in early January and he mentioned offhandedly… Read more »

First Lines: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay

In my write-up of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I said that, if done right, I could totally get behind the upcoming five-part Harry Potter-prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie-franchise, as it (supposedly) expands the Harry Potter-universe, while leaving The Boy Who Lived the hell alone. Fantastic Beasts and Where to… Read more »